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Here’s the reality… the affluent marketplace is different. The clients are savvy, discerning and have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing who to work with. In order to compete in this demanding environment you need to both have a keen understanding about the unique characteristics of this market and also a finely honed relationship building strategy.
“One of the biggest challenges most businesses are facing is attracting more new clients on a consistent basis. This is huge! It works and every business owner who doesn’t follow Mark’s advice is doing themselves (and their business) a disservice.”
~ Jeffrey Hayzlett, Host of Bloomberg TV’s C-Suite and New York Times bestselling author of Running the Gauntlet
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  • How to get more referrals from wealthy prospects.
  • Old school direct mail is a surprisingly effective tool for marketing to the affluent. This is the 3-Letter Sequence that has proven to be extremely effective.
  • ​How become really well known-really fast to your target affluent market.
  • ​Two fundamental affluent marketing strategies and why you need both.
  • ​How the affluent use social media. This is the one platform you want to focus on above all others.
  • ​The wealthy are a tribe: Selling to the rich requires becoming a member.
  • ​How to become the recognized expert that the wealthy want to do business with.
  • ​How to use intimate client events to connect with hard to reach prospects.
  • ​A unique, but highly effective, method for building relationships with the trusted advisors to the wealthy.
  • ​How to create a brand that attracts wealthy clients.
  • ​You’ll be a lot more confident around wealthy people if you do this one simple thing.
  • ​How to use the psychological power of exclusivity to attract more affluent clients.
  • ​Does advertising work with the affluent market? Yes it does, but not in a traditional way. Here are the ads that are working best for providers of high value services to the wealthy.
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Attracting Affluent Clients Requires These 3 Things:


Branding & Positioning

This is your story that communicates your uniqueness, value and how you help clients achieve their goals & desires. I don’t care whether you work for a large firm, or are a solo practitioner-you need to stake out a specific niche in the market you serve.



This is your strategy for getting known to those who can hire you or refer you clients.



Turning “awareness” about who you are, into actual paying clients. The goal at this stage is to only talk with with people who are most likely to be really great clients for you.

And (very importantly) we want to do all of this in a way that’s respectful to your prospective clients, creates enormous goodwill for you in your market, and is very comfortable for you to execute.

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