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Stop Chasing Clients Once And for All: A Five-Day Plan To Bring Them To Your Doorstep

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Book Review: The One Week Marketing Plan

Improve Marketing in a Week with $300 Using The One Week Marketing Plan

Abstract: The One Week Marketing Plan

One of the biggest challenges most business are facing is attracting more NEW clients on a consistent basis. Mark Satterfield’s One Week Marketing Plan helps businesses get out there by implementing a client attraction program in just 5 days. This is HUGE! It works and every business owner who doesn’t read this book is doing themselves (and their business) a disservice.
Jeffrey Hayzlett – TV Show Host, Bestselling Author of The Mirror Test and Running the Gauntlet
Insurance producers and financial advisors face an ongoing challenge of how to attract more new prospects and clients. Mark Satterfield’s One Week Marketing Plan shows you how to quickly and inexpensively develop a client-attraction system that will work work for you without a lot of ongoing maintenance. If you read only one business book this year, this should be it. 
John Bulbrook, CEO Bulbrook/Drislane Insurance, CEO Bulbrook/Drislane Insurance
Any small business owner or advisor would be well served to read Mark Satterfield’s The One Week Marketing Plan. It’s a concise, here’s-precisely-how-to-do-it approach that will get you a lot more new customers and clients. If you’re serious about growing your business you need to read this. 
Hubert Humphrey, Founder & CEO Hegemon Group International
It’s a well known fact that nearly 80% of businesses fail in the first 5 years. An even larger percentage of them never grow to the size that the founder hoped for. This doesn’t happen because of bad products or services, but rather because of a lack of a good strong marketing plan. Mark Satterfield’s One Week Marketing Plan provides an easy to follow blueprint that any business can use to quickly attract new customers and clients. 
David. T. Scott, Author of The New Rules of Lead Generation
As all sales professionals know the key to closing more sales is having more prospects to talk with. In Mark Satterfield’s The One Week Marketing Plan, you’ll learn how to set up a client attraction system that will keep your pipeline full in just 5 days. I highly recommend you get a copy. 
Willis Turner, President/CEO Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc
If your company is seeking a better ROI on it’s marketing investment, you’ll find Mark Satterfield’s One Week Marketing Plan to be definitely worth reading. His approach is both efficient, measurable and easy to implement. Peter Vantine, Marketing Faculty, Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology
Brilliant. Succinct. Easy-to-implement. I’ve read well over 100 marketing books and might I say FINALLY there’s a book that provides the blueprint to develop quality clients with predictable success. 
Roxanne Emmerich, Author of the New York Times Bestseller Thank God It’s Monday! How to Create a Workplace You and Your Customers Love
Most consultants will struggle with the feast or famine syndrome at some point in their careers. In The One Week Marketing Plan, Mark shows you exactly how to implement an automated marketing system that can eliminate the dreaded revenue peaks and valleys that so many consultants face. This is a must-read book. 
Michael McLaughlin, Author, Winning the Professional Services Sale
Many business owners worry that implementing a marketing system will be too difficult, too complicated, and too expensive. What’s great about Mark Satterfield’s One Week Marketing Plan is that it’s practical, easy to implement, and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Every business owner needs to read this. 
Robert H. Bloom, former U.S. CEO Publicis Worldwide and author of The New Experts and The Inside Advantage
The One Week Marketing Plan offers a practical, here’s-precisely-what-to-do method for filling your pipeline with a lot more new clients and customers. Mark Satterfield has taken a multi-faceted discipline and broken it down into a step-by-step formula that any size company can implement to grow their respective businesses. If you’ve ever been disappointed with books that make great promises, but then turns out to be mostly hype and fluff, this book is just the opposite. From me, it comes highly recommended. 
Thomas A. Freese, President, QBS Research, Inc., Five-Time Author, and Developer of the Question Based Selling Methodology

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